All 18 holes are carefully designed to fit in the natural atmosphere in a bid to preserve the beautiful scenery of surrounding mountains and uniquely magnificent landscape in Chiang Rai Province. Also, the design of green and fairway in wide angle enables you to enjoy playing golf with unique challenge in each hole and feel the perfect integration with natural environment for the whole game. 

Year to start : since 1997
Course Layout Designed by : Rathert International Golf Design
Holes : 18 Championship holes, 72 pars with total distance of 6,961 Yards

Key info on signature holes of Waterford Valley Chiang Rai


Course 9B
On the first shot, you need to hit the ball around the hill. On the second approach, the shot must fly over the water hazard to land on the green where it is higher. It is noted that the green is much narrow and has slope from back to front.

Hole 4 Par 

Yards 367
The appropriate plan for this hole is to play safe or conservative shot by accurately aiming Pine tree line at 150 Yards. Trying to hit nice cut-fade shot would be the best choice. Otherwise, you ball will end up in the forest if you hit it too far on the left hand. That mistake causes you the real problem because on the left side lies the hills all the way. The approach shot to the green should fall short before flag. As the result, putting upward gives you more chance to save par.


Course A 6

Hole 3 Par
It is considered as long-range Par 3 hole with small and narrow green area. On the left hand, there is water hazard and full of bunger on the right. 

Yards 197
This is quite difficult hole to play. Green is pretty small. Suggestion is to aim on the right hand side of green. Then, try the draw shot. To save par on this hole should be the best for you.

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